Ethically Sourced & Sustainability

We often get asked about the ethics of the crystals we sell. We realise it is important to many of you as it is also to us!

The following information is our ethical guideline. We’re by no means perfect but here’s how we are trying…..


Quality Over Quantity

We do not follow trends, we create crystal products that are tied to your life. Our crystals are crafted by hand, using only A-grade materials.

We’re against overproduction and the huge amount of waste it can produce. Instead, we keep our stock levels low and responsive to your wants and needs, testing new designs with small releases. Which is why you’ll often see a preorder on our site, but never a sale.


Ethical Gemstones

We take social and environmental standards seriously, and make sure our suppliers do too. Although crystals are not registered as a Fair Trade product we try to ensure that the crystals are mined and worked under ethical conditions and that the workers work in a safe environment and receive a fair wage and that the natural environment is not heavily impacted by the mining.

We're not stopping there….. Be sure to stay tuned for more info soon.

Living things

Crystals are more than just another exploitable resource. They are living things beyond the understanding of modern science but widely appreciated by many ancient societies. The cultures of the Celts, Aztecs, Mayans, Native Americans and Vedic India are richly interwoven with the Mineral Kingdom.

"In crystal, we have a pure evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and although in spite of everything we cannot understand the life of crystals - it is still a living being." Nikola Tesla.


Packaging. No Plastic. No Foam.

The most green and sustainable packaging is for sure banding. It minimises packaging material while still looking great on a shelf.

To ship our products we are currently studying the use of honeycomb cardboard. Stay tuned for more info.